Final Evolution is a Mythic 20-man PvE guild.
Aiming to experience content when its current, in a casual but serious way.

With a strong, and constantly improving core we fight and dedicate our time in order to get progress done.
Despite raiding, Final Evolution is one of the guilds with the greatest social hearts on the server.

Final Evolution is one of the oldest and most respected guilds on Darksorrow and we expect members to behave in a way which would not tarnish our reputation.


We raid at Monday/Wednesday/Thursday from 20.30 untill 23.30 servertime. ( GMT+1 )
We expect our raiders to be online at 20:15 for invites.
Everyone that raids with us is required to sign up to calendar invites in order to get a spot in the raid.
What we look for in applicants:
– High level of dedication and interest with the same goals as the guild.
– Attendancy as close to 100% as possible.
– A good understanding of your class and specs (all of them), able to adapt and change talents/glyphs/reforging/gems to what the encounter requires.
– A good and positive attitude towards progression raiding.
– Always come to raids as prepared as you can. That means watching boss guides, having a stack of personal food, flasks and potions and also class specific research.
– Stable internet connection and NO performance issues in 20-man raiding.
– Players with an average itemlevel equal or above the Heroic version of the current tier.

Loot System

We use the EPGP system. 1500 EP are given at start and 1500 EP are given at the end of the raid. Trials/reserves who didn’t raid but were online, will also receive EP for the raid. Members have priority over trials regarding loot during raids. —> Used to distribute loot, mandatory –>Used to check standings, optional


Final Evolution uses Ventrilo in order to raid. This is a must have. All raid members are required to be on Ventrilo in 20 Man raid channel during raids. Casuals are very welcome to chill out in Ventrilo in the non-raid channels as well. A working microphone is not required but it is preferred.


If this seems like the sort of environment where you could feel at home, feel free to apply by posting an application in the forums section or PM’ing an officer or higher rank in game.

Contact Officers and higher at:

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